40 Days in Europe is a feature film based on true story about an impossible journey

    The Movie

    When a teen conductor of a secondary school angklung group found his team in financial crisis and on the verge of division during a 40 day-cultural mission in Europe, he …

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    The Team

    Maulana M. Syuhada (Producer/Author), Adi Panuntun (Producer), Sony Budi Sasono (Director), Mochamad Achir (Producer), Dini Murdeani (Producer/Marketing Director), Sembilan Matahari

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    So, the filmmaking process itself is a challenge for us to prove the film premise, “Nothing is impossible”. However, we can’t work alone, so your help is vital for us!

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Maulana M. Syuhada: Exploring the world with music

A driving passion to bring a group of high school students to perform traditional angklung music around Europe despite a very tight budget has led Maulana M. Syuhada to experience miracle after miracle.Not only did the team of 35 students from Bandung, who finally departed for Europe after borrowing some 8,000 euros from their school board, seize attention at European festivals but they also won a number of judges’ highest awards during their 40-day adventure around Europe in 2004.